Gamecover Brassicas


Kale provides good cover throughout the season and is a  reliable crop for showing pheasants. Kale is able to grow in most situations but the variety chosen should have good winter hardiness. If left kale will often produce good re-growth in the second year.

Grüner Angeliter

Grüner Angeliter is a long stemmed variety but still gives good standing power. Creates a good canopy with plenty of room under this for birds to run. A marrow stem type kale which is very suitable for forage as well as gamecover. Good winter hardiness and is likely to be very popular.

Goldeneye Kale

Goldeneye a giant type kale variety with a balanced leaf to stem ratio providing a good canopy combined with good winter hardiness. Club root tolerant.


Caledonian can provide excellent full season cover from September to February and has proved to be very winter hardy. The Club Root resistance of Caledonian enables it to be grown on the same areas as previous years.


Interval (Rape/Kale Hybrid) a fantastic fast growing rape with kale parentage. Excellent establishment and early vigour. Ideal replacement for kale when sown in June or July. Interval gives an excellent winter hardy full season of cover.


Jonty is a brassica that grows 2-3 feet tall producing a canopy with an open bottom. When sown in the autumn Jonty is able to provide cover within six weeks of sowing with cover lasting until Christmas. Not as winter hardy as kale but useful for late sowing. 1 –2.5kg per acre.

Texsel Greens

A summer sown crop which offers better winter hardiness than mustard. Texsel Greens are often used in patching   earlier spring sown crops that have not matured. Can be sown to “patch” but is also often found in late cover mixtures. 2kg per acre.


A fast maturing free-branching plant which offers a good amount of seed. The open nature of the plant makes this  particularly suitable for partridge. It is often used as part of a mixture and is a constituent of the Partridge Mixes. 5kg per acre.

Fodder Radish

Another gamecover crop mostly used in mixtures for its seed shedding. Fodder Radish is a useful crop where brassica clubroot is present. It can be sown from July and into August and is therefore a good “patching” option if there have been any failed areas in your cover. Also makes very good green manure. You will come across fodder radish in many of the mixtures we sell. Good in all areas of the UK, with some frost tolerance. 2.5kg per acre.

Carbon (Ethiopian Mustard x Kale Hybrid) 

Sometimes not every crop you sow is a complete success. Flea Beetles, drought, cold wet seed beds, rooks and rabbits can make cover crop establishment extremely difficult. If your crop needs a boost or simply if you were unable to sow in the spring, then CARBON is the crop to sow in July or early August, providing cover from a short growth period. .Ideal for use as a recover crop,  produces very large Kale like leaves. Excellent warm cover and driving potential. Winter hardy outstanding winter colour with red/purple stems and leaf edging.

         Forage Rape Hobson                  

Quick establishing, Powdery mildew resistant variety with good winter hardiness. Hobson has  a strong leaf canopy. A good variety for pre Christmas game cover. 4kg per acre.

   Forage Rape Hungry Gap         

A more hardy tougher variety that will overwinter well lasting well into February so is well  suited to late cover providing a very longstanding cover canopy. 4kg per acre.